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Every drop counts

Connecting Aquarium visitors with the natural world is our mission. We offer an enriching and entertaining experience. In return, people who visit learn to care about creatures and habitats throughout the world. They begin to understand the urgent conservation needs of our fragile planet. The Aquarium is actively engaged in conservation and research programs onsite and off.

Our volunteers and staff are proud to say: “We’re doing our part to save one of the most diverse aquatic places in the world, the Southeast.”

The water crisis facing many residents in the Southeast is very real but Chattanooga is fortunate. The Tennessee River provides ample water for those who live closest to its banks. But even along the river’s edge, people need to value this resource. This page is designed to help everyone become water-wise. Learn how much water you use, explore ways to conserve water and encourage kids to use water sparingly. Even in areas with abundant water, we all need to think about our consumption and ways to sustain the supply.

  • What's troubling our waters?
    The Tennessee/Cumberland River Basin is one of the most diverse aquatic places in the world, according to the World Wildlife Fund. Environmental “watchdogs” say that more groups and volunteers are focused on the health of the Tennessee River than were watching five years ago.

  • How much water are you using?
    Most of us have no idea how much water we use each day. Take a quiz and check out your 'water footprint'.

  • Make every drop count
    Here are some great tips to help you conserve water and help save the planet.

  • How do you make a difference?
    Send us an e-mail and tell us how you're saving water. We'll post clever ideas on our Every Drop Counts page.

  • How much rain fell at your house?
    For the true math wiz. If you've ever wondered how much rain falls in a given area, we have a way for you to figure it out.

  • Links to help you make every drop count
    We've searched the world wide web to find sites that have great information, and some fun games,all about conserving water.

  • Make a Contribution
    The Aquarium is hard at work educating the next generation of environmental stewards and conducting conservation activities to preserve precious natural resources. Please consider supporting our work at a level that is appropriate for you.
"Even in areas with abundant supply, we all need to think about our consumption
and ways to sustain the supply. "   Dr. Anna George
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