1. IMAX® film is the largest commercial film format ever invented.
  2. The IMAX® camera weighs up to 100 pounds.
  3. Average IMAX® screen is 4500 times bigger than an average TV screen.
  4. IMAX film is strong enough to pull a truck.
  5. Film frame used by IMAX® projection system is 10 times the size of a conventional 35mm frame.
  6. IMAX® screens are designed to encompass your peripheral vision.
    These screens are painted silver to maximize the amount of light reflected back to the audience.
  7. IMAX® uncompressed digital, wrap-around sound is a patented Proportional Point Source (TM) Loudspeaker system that delivers exacting volume and quality at every seat.



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Visitors watching Under The Sea 3D

Wild Ocean 3D

Wild Ocean
Each year an unbelievable feeding frenzy takes place in the oceans of South Africa as billions of sardines migrate up the Kwazulu-Natal Coast. Wild Ocean 3D captures spectacular breaching whales, feeding sharks, diving gannets, and massive bait balls inside and up close on the giant screen.

The migration has provided an annual food source for both life in the sea and the people living along the African shores for countless generations. The film demonstrates how business, government, and the local people have joined forces to protect this invaluable ecological resource. Wild Ocean 3D delves audiences into an epic underwater struggle for survival and reveal the economic and cultural impact the migration has on the coastal communities. Playing in stunning IMAX 3D!

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Online teacher’s resource guides are now available. Click here to download now. The movie and its related educational activities support the practice of formal science education as outlined in the National Science Education Standards in the following areas: life science, physical science, earth and space science, and science in personal and social perspectives.

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