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AMPHIBIANS! A 30-minute program for ages 3 to 1st grade
Children love frogs, toads and salamanders! This 30-minute program designed for little kids with little attention spans, features two live amphibians they can see up close. Special pricing: $35 per program.

Kindergarten through 3rd Grade

Do spiders give you “the creeps”? Do bugs “bug” you? Do you shudder at the thought of a slithery snake? Learn more about creepy crawlies so they won’t be quite so scary! Your class will meet several creepy crawly animals “eye-to-eye”.


How do tomato frogs get their name? What animal throws barbed hairs for protection? What desert lizard stores water in its tail? Students will meet several colorful, bizarre and interesting animals that come from tropical areas around the world!

Students will learn about swamps and some of the animals that live there through use of props and live animals. They will have an “up close and personal” encounter with a live snake, feel real alligator teeth and find out how alligator snapping turtles catch their food. The last portion of this very interactive program features volunteers costumed as swamp creatures with the rest of the class making swamp sounds for their fellow classmates who have become “SWAMP THINGS”!

Students use their imagination to become SCUBA divers, exploring the undersea world with the help of interesting “touchable” props. How sharp are shark teeth? Feel a sea turtle’s skin! Why are some animals “jet propelled” and what animals have mouths in the middle of their body? Several volunteers become “sea creatures” at program’s end. No live animals are used in this program.

RAINFOREST SHUFFLE A Special Program for 2nd and 3rd Grade *
Tropical rainforests cover only 7% of the Earth’s surface, yet it is estimated they are home to almost half of all existing plant and animal species. Students will learn about different layers of the rainforest and some of the plants and animals that live there. Costumed volunteers, chosen from the audience, become part of a make-believe rainforest in this highly interactive program. Threats currently facing the rainforest will also be discussed.
  * While usually presented in a classroom, the Rainforest Shuffle program may also be scheduled as an auditorium-type program. The stage area should be large enough to accommodate the presenter and 18 costumed children. See Program Fees (link to program fees) for special pricing in Auditorium Program Fees.

Learn about animals that are easy for any child to observe, right in their own backyard. Insects! Your class will explore the world of insects, using live insects, specimens and neat insect costumes.

4th and 5th Grade Programs

Bones or Not? Vertebrates and Invertebrates
Do snakes have backbones? Do insects have skeletons? Live animals and props will be used to discuss the difference between animals that have backbones (vertebrates) and those that do not (invertebrates). Expect to see live snakes, turtles, frogs, insects, spiders and several skeletons in this informative program.

Build Your Own River
Discover what goes on beneath a river’s surface. Students will enjoy this interactive program in which volunteers become everything from aquatic insects to boulders when we construct a make-believe river! The only live animals used in this program are your students.

Feeling Froggy!
We’re “hopping” your students will be as fascinated with frogs and toads as most folks are! This interesting group of amphibians comes in many different forms and colors. Meet frogs and toads from many areas of the world and learn neat ways they have adapted to their habitats. Life cycle, conservation issues and characteristics will be discussed.

Snakes Alive!
Love them or hate them...everyone is fascinated by those interesting reptiles known as SNAKES! Your class will learn all about snakes up-close and personal. This program features live animals as well as educational props to highlight interesting adaptations, lifestyles and habits of snakes.

6th through 12th Grade Programs

Dry Scales or Smooth Skin? Reptiles and Amphibians
How does a snake differ from a frog? Characteristics and life cycles of both reptiles and amphibians will be discussed. Using close observation and a dichotomous key, students will classify each animal. They will inspect each animal “eyeball to eyeball”, to discover what makes them a reptile or amphibian.

Arthro-WHATS? The Small Things That Run the World
Learn about arthropods, the small things that run the world, in this very interactive program. Characteristics of four families of arthropods; insects, arachnids, myrapods and crustaceans will be discussed. Through use of a dichotomous key and close observations students will have an opportunity to identify a variety of arthropods.

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