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Girl Scout Splash Program FAQ's

1. What is Splash?
Splash is a self-guided program that allows Brownie and Junior Girl Scout Leaders to help their girls earn Girl Scout Awards at the Tennessee Aquarium.

2. What awards are available?
Brownies can earn either the Watching Wildlife Try-it or the Animal Try-it. Juniors can earn either the Wildlife Badge or the Plants and Animals Badge.

3. What does the program include?
The cost of the program includes admission to the Aquarium (and an IMAX movie if you choose that package); orientation by an educator; use of the Leader’s Guide, classroom and all the equipment and supplies you need to complete the program. An Aquarium patch is also provided for each scout.
(We do NOT provide Girl Scout Awards, that is, the try-its and badges.)

4. What happens during a Splash program?
You’ll arrive about 30 minutes before the start of your program to check in, get organized and make a last trip to the restroom. An educator will meet you in the main lobby and take you to the classroom. You have the use of the classroom for 3 hours from the time of your reservation. You may eat lunch there, keep your wraps and bags (but do not leave valuables) and use it for your classroom activities. Your educator will introduce you to your Leader’s Guide and other program equipment and supplies. If you need special instructions for the operation of any equipment, the educator will provide those. Your educator will also give your group a building orientation. These are the rules that will help keep you safe and happy throughout your tour. Your girls will have clipboards with a puzzle sheet to work as you move through the building. Your educator will leave you, to guide your girls, only when you are comfortable with the use of the materials.

5.Is there a minimum number of scouts necessary to do this program?
Yes, you must bring five Girl Scouts to participate in the program.

6. I have a combined troop. May my Brownies and Juniors do different programs at the same time? Yes, you may, BUT you must share classroom space, bring enough adults to lead the program and supervise all the girls. You also must be willing for one group to begin (and finish) about 30 minutes after the other since our educator can only give one orientation at a time.

7. How long does the program take?
To complete all the activities both in the classroom and by visiting exhibits in the building takes about 3 hours. Your ticket to the Aquarium is good for the day, so if you must hurry through a part of the building to complete your activities, you are welcome to finish touring the building after your badge work is complete.

8. What if we don’t finish in time?
If there is no other group scheduled for the classroom after your program, you are welcome to stay as long as you like (until the building closes). If another group is scheduled to be in the classroom, you will need to remove your belonging from it, but you are welcome to stay in the Aquarium building until closing time. Your educator can tell you at the beginning of your program whether or not another group is scheduled for the classroom.

9. When is the program available?
Splash is available whenever the classroom is available. Good times to consider, when you’re planning, are weekends, holidays and weekday afternoons when your girls may be out of school for a holiday or teacher in-service day.

10. Does the leader really have to do the program by herself?
Never by herself! First of all, you’ll have other adults with you who can help with portions of the program. Do not hesitate to delegate some program responsibilities to them. You’ll also have your Leader’s Guide. This is a guide book written in excruciating detail that takes you literally step by step through the building. It tells you where to go, how to get there, at which exhibit to stop and focus the girls’ attention and it even gives you a scripted paragraph to read at each stop in case you are completely uncomfortable with the idea of guiding a natural history tour. If you can walk and read English out loud, you can lead this tour!

11. Can I get the materials ahead of time?
No. Program materials are the intellectual property of the Tennessee Aquarium and my not leave the building.

12. Can my girls earn two awards in one day?
It is physically possible, but it is not humane. The three hours spent completing the badge work are hard-thinking, focused time. To ask children or adults to do it twice in one day will probably take the fun out of your trip.

13. How do I register?
Call our reservations department at (800) 262-0695 and follow the instructions on the automated menu. If you are calling locally, call 265-0695.

14. Must I pay when I register?
No. You pay when you check in for your program. If you would like to pay in advance, you may do so by credit card.

15. What if I still have questions?
Call or e-mail Julia Gregory. She wrote this program. She has been a Girl Scout Leader herself and enjoys helping other Leaders. Please don’t call Julia to ask about date availability. Only the reservations department has that information. You can reach Julia at (423) 785-4054 or (800) 262-0695 ext. 4054.

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