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T-REX: Back to the Cretaceous
Roars onto IMAX® 3D Screen
in Chattanooga

So Big, So Real, So Close.

CHATTANOOGA - It's DINO - MITE at its mightiest! The Tennessee Aquarium IMAX 3D® Theater will take you on an adventure back in time with the film T-REX: Back to the Cretaceous, which debuts August 14.

T-REX brings dinosaurs to life with groundbreaking detail, unparalleled realism, and the awesome size and thrilling feeling of being in the movie, not just at the movie.

Shot on location in Alberta, Canada at Dinosaur Provincial Park, T-REX is Imax's biggest, most elaborate production ever and showcases technologically amazing dinosaurs brought to life in 3D.

Dinosaurs are very much alive - at least in the mind of Ally Hayden (Liz Stauber). But the closest she has come to them in her world is in seeing the dinosaur bone skeletons and artists' renderings in the museum where her father, the world-famous palaeontologist Dr. Donald Hayden (Peter Horton), has his headquarters.

Like her father, Ally is fascinated by the way that modern science and the study of dinosaur bones and fossils can lead to uncovering the mysteries of what dinosaurs were really like - what they looked like, how they moved, how and what they ate and how they raised their young. When Donald Hayden and his assistant Elizabeth (Kari Coleman) bring his latest discovery back to the museum, Ally is excited that the oblong-shaped fossil rock might be an as yet undiscovered Tyrannosaurus-rex egg.

Ally is alone and waiting for her father to return when an accident in the museum lab sets her on an adventure in which Ally's present world begins to meld with the deep past. As she wanders into the museum, the bones of the T-rex skeleton suddenly appear to grow skin and muscle and the extinct creature lunges to life. When Ally retreats, she is hurtled through time, backward to the territory of dinosaurs that are bigger than her imagination. Finding herself in a lush environment, Ally is awestruck by the various dinosaurs she discovers as she explores this mysterious new world.

However, Ally gets caught in the middle of a dinosaur battle and is thrust literally nose-to-nose with one of the most fearsome creatures of all time - the awesome, and very much alive, Tyrannosaurus-rex.

"The idea of putting dinosaurs on the IMAX screen was a natural," says Executive Producer/Co-Writer Andrew Gellis. "And the opportunity to create a 45-minute story, bringing photo-realistic dinosaurs to life with IMAX 3D was irresistible. Audiences have affirmed that they love the way IMAX films take them to places they would never get to on their own, and the Cretaceous period of 65 million years ago certainly fits the bill."

"This film is about using The IMAX® Experience™ to take us back and see how these incredibly majestic and fierce animals lived during a time that is almost impossible for us to imagine," states Director Brett Leonard. "This is also a pioneering medium in that it is taking cinema to the next place that it's going. Imax's use of large-format film and the IMAX 3D technology creates the closest thing to truly immersive, virtual-reality that exists on the planet. It is taking the large-scale cinematic experience and putting the viewer right inside it in the context of IMAX 3D," Leonard continues.

T-REX also incorporates the latest scientific knowledge, provided by world-renowned palaeontologist, Dr. Philip Currie, about the creatures who roamed the earth more than 65 million years ago. "Our approach to the dinosaurs in this film is to make them as real as possible," notes Charis Horton, who produced the film along with her partner Antoine Compin. "This is the first large-format film to dare to incorporate 21 years of computer-generated imagery effects so extensively throughout the film," says Compin.

T-REX stars Peter Horton (TV's "Thirtysomething" and starring in Fox's new series "Brimstone"), Kari Coleman, newcomer Liz Stauber and is directed by Brett Leonard ("Lawnmower Man" and "Virtuosity").

T-REX is presented by The Real Yellow Pages from BellSouth

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