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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (August 2006) – When ChattaBOOga transforms itself from Chattanooga in October, it’s not the typical haunted venue. There’s a haunted cavern carved out of the side of a mountain; an amazing corn maze – friendly by day, but a heart-stopping labyrinth by night; and there’s a killer critter craze where fear factor creatures and their “habits” are explored in all their gorey detail. October in Chattanooga offers thrilling, chilling adventure and family fun you can’t experience anywhere else.

From spine-tingling sharks and barracuda to spineless wonders like the infamous octopus and slimy jellyfish, the Tennessee Aquarium’s Thrills & Gills in October features frightening fish tales but it’s all family-friendly, finny fun. Visitors will uncover the real facts about the Aquarium’s most notorious animals, such as moray eels, piranha, barracuda, alligators, crocodiles, anacondas and sharks. Plus, check out the bulbous, eight-legged octopus and the stinging ghouls of slime: the jellyfish. Special

dives and gallery programs will focus no the myths and mysteries of some of the most feared animals on earth. Visitors can also register to win a behind-the-scenes tour to watch biologists feed some of the Aquarium’s most dangerous creatures.

At the IMAX 3D Theater you can face off with a wolf eel, hunt with hungry stand tiger sharks or dodge hundreds of voracious Humboldt squids in an inky black sea in “Deep Sea 3D.” Or if you never got your fill of “Jaws,” dive to the depths of the sea to swim with the biggest fish on earth and overcome your greatest fear when you encounter a great white shark in “Sharks 3D.”

On October 27, dress to impress in your Halloween costume at the “Phantom of the Aqua” Halloween Party. Celebrate the spooky night with bizarre seahorses, squirming octopus and electrifying jellyfish. You’ll see mystical creatures ranging from dragon-like fish to menacing, toothy sharks and peculiar, hovering cuttlefish. Watch in fascination as divers feed the beasts of prey in the deep sea, journey through the galleries for some trick or treat goodies, play games to win prizes and listen to storytellers share spooky tales.

Dates: October 1-31, 2006
Hours: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., daily.
Information: Visit or call 800-262-0695.

“Ding” the doors open. Anticipation builds as you step inside what appears to be a standard elevator. You feel at ease when the ride begins, this as you think, is the calm before the storm. Entering the “Haunted Cavern Hellevator” is only one of the new, intense, hair-raising experiences you’ll have at the 2006 Ruby Falls Haunted Caverns. You are about to discover a horrible secret that rests deep in the heart of Lookout Mountain. Hidden research laboratories have been breached and their horrible crimes against humanity have escaped. Twisted mutations are running rampant above and below and have an insatiable hunger. Explore thousands of feet of twisting caverns lined with live actors, gasp at horrible mutations, but whatever you do… Don’t Look Back!

Dates: September 29 & then Thursday-Sunday every week in October and on Halloween.
Hours: Opens after dark (8 p.m.) Closing time varies based on date, call if arriving after 10 p.m. Not recommended for the faint at heart or children under 10 years old.
Information: Visit or call 423.821.2544.

First you think questions and a corn maze, can’t be too hard, right? You’re correct answers get you straight into the heart of the maze… But then, as you’re looking for your way out, you suddenly begin to question your answers as the trails get harder to figure out. Getting the questions right is the key in getting out of the challenging, 10-acre labyrinth of trails, answering them wrong will only take you deeper into the maze. Panic! As darkness surrounds the field, the maze turns into the Spooky Acres Maze where the 10-foot stalks outlined by the moonlight creates a hair-raising challenge of haunted twists, rustling stalks, eerie spooks and other mysterious creatures.

Additional fall festivities include hayrides, a playground, a kiddie hay maze and a Rock City Barn. The 2006 Enchanted MAiZE design celebrates Rock City Gardens’ 75th Anniversary.

Dates: September 22-October 29, 2006
Hours: Thursday, 9 a.m.-8 p.m.; Friday & Saturday, 9 a.m.-10 p.m.; Sunday, Noon-8 p.m. (Recommended for all ages)
Information: Visit or call 800-854-0675.

Transport yourself to Germany where the sweet smell of bratwurst, knackwurst, German sauerkraut and Polish sausage waft through the air. Polka music rings throughout Rock City’s scenic mountain beauty, beckoning you to do the “Chicken Dance” on the polka stage. And nothing says Oktoberfest like specialty beers frothing at the top of the glass as you toast to your friends, family and fall. When you visit Rock City in October, get ready for the month-long celebration of Rock City’s German heritage and the view of Chattanooga’s fall foliage from the peak of Lookout Mountain. Enjoy live music from from Laurentz und die Katven, The Wurstbrats and the Gootmon Sauerkraut Band. Rocktoberfest is presented by Big River Grille and Brewing Works.

Dates: Saturdays in October
Hours: Noon-6 p.m.
Information: Visit or call 800-854-0675.

Even before the Hunter Museum’s original mansion was built in 1905, the museum’s cliff-top site was used as a battery for both Union and Confederate troops during the Civil War. Before that, the ground was considered a holy place by the Cherokee. Given the area’s history, it is no wonder that some Chattanooga residents and visitors wonder if spirits might still linger in the mansion and its grounds. A ghost hunter did visit the museum in the 1990s and some Chattanooga residents have stories of strange happenings in the mansion portion of the museum.

During the month of October, visitors can tour the museum’s collection of American art – long recognized as one of the country’s finest – and discover works from the colonial era to the contemporary. Guests can also participate in a scavenger hunt with a Halloween theme and explore the museum’s Edwardian mansion.

On Oct. 12, museum visitors can warm up for Halloween and experience the story of Dracula on film. “Nosferatu” Comes to Life during a special program at the Hunter Museum. View this classic horror film while listening to a new score composed and performed by the new band, the Tremont Collective. This is a great warm up for Halloween (costumes optional). This event begins at 6 p.m.

Dates: Daily, Oct. 1-31
Information: Visit or call 423.267.9844.

Wrap up your entire favorite heart-stirring, eye-popping experiences throughout town into one package – you’ll need someplace safe and secure to rest when you’re done! Packages include overnight accommodations vary from two adults, two adults/one child, two adults/two children, etc. in an authentic train car or a standard room, dinner voucher and special treat bags for the children. Tickets to the ghoulish ChattaBOOga attractions include: Rock City Gardens, Rock City Gardens’ Enchanted Maize and Ruby Falls’ Haunted Cavern.

Chug, chug, chug, chug, choo choo! The Chattanooga Choo Choo Holiday Inn, made famous by the Glenn Miller Orchestra in the song, “The Chattanooga Choo Choo,” offers tons of family fun where you can toot a train whistle from your stationary sleeper traincar, delve into the fascinating tales of the conductor as you ride an authentic New Orleans trolley, shop at unique retail stores or eat at a restaurant where the servers sing for your supper.

Dates: September-October, 2006
Package availability: Thursday-Sunday nights only
Information: Visit or call 800.TRACK29.

Ruby Falls: Hu Longmire,, 706.419.4025
Rock City Gardens: Karen Baker,, 706.820.2531
Tennessee Aquarium: Kathie Fulgham,, 423.785.3007
Hunter Museum of American Art: Katrina Craven,, 423.752.2070
Chattanooga Choo Choo: Julie Dodson,, 423.308.2445
Additional events in Chattanooga: Candace Davis,, 423.424.4430

For additional fall or Halloween events in the Chattanooga area, visit

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