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A window into the past and a frontier for exploration

Sea lion pups frolic with you in tidal pools and giant tortoises and iguanas appear tame and even curious about your presence. Dive into Galapagos, the Tennessee Aquarium's newest 3D film, where schools of hammerhead sharks swim above you and a group of inquisitive moray eels emerge from their cave to look at you, jaws gaping. Galapagos is a fantastic voyage to a strange world hidden within our own.

An amazingly immersive cinematic experience, Galapagos features some of the best underwater 3D footage in motion picture history, say the critics. Galapagos delves deep into the largely unknown waters surrounding a volcanic archipelago to explore the natural wonders of a realm that is truly a living natural science laboratory.

"The undersea world in the Galapagos is really unparalleled," says cinematographer Al Giddings. "It's a place full of surprises and offers images the likes of which no one has seen before."

Part adventure, part scientific expedition, part personal quest, and part fantastic voyage, this unprecedented non-fiction film takes audiences on a journey to explore caverns buried beneath the earth and sea and experience extraordinary wildlife previously unknown to humankind.

Moviegoers will join a young scientist as she explores the biological diversity and unique geologic history of the Galapagos. This archipelago of 19 islands and 42 islets features stark landscapes that show clear evidence of the violent physical forces that originally created the islands fewer than three million years ago. Islands that appear as moonscapes with hardened swirls of black lava rock are in stark contrast to others that cradle lush green vegetation in their highlands.

Galapagos reveals a world that is still evolving - a place that provides scientists with a window into the past and a frontier for exploration.

The 3D film is a 45-minute voyage of discovery and wonderment that captures first images of bizarre forms of aquatic life never before seen by the human eye. Presented by the Smithsonian Institution and Imax Ltd., and using IMAX 3D technology, Galapagos vividly documents an eight-week expedition to the islands and surrounding waters. The film takes audiences on a journey with marine biologist Dr. Carole Baldwin, from the Smithsonian Institutions's Museum of Natural History, on her first trips to the famed Galapagos Islands.

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