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Barking Treefrog

Hyla gratiosa

ON EXHIBIT:  Discovery Hall at River Journey

Barking Treefrog

Barking tree frogs are the largest native tree frog species in the United States.  The frog is known for its loud, strident barking call.  

♫ Listen to the Barking Tree Frog ♫.

Populations are stable.  All amphibians are at risk due to factors such as habitat destruction, pollution and diseases such as ranavirus and chytrid fungus.

Fan Photo

Photo by Bret Douglas

About This Animal

SIZE: 3 in (5-7cm)

RANGE: Southeastern Virginia to south Florida and west to eastern Louisiana

HABITAT: Barking tree frogs are climbers and burrowers.  This species can be found in open, mixed woodlands, farmlands, pasture ponds and gopher tortoise burrows.

DIET: Insects