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Japanese Sea Nettle

Chrysaora pacifica

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Japanese Sea Nettle

The Japanese sea nettle has a light-colored bell with a dark orange sunburst pattern radiating to its edges.  Tentacles can stream behind the Japanese sea nettle for 9-20 feet. Their nematocysts are powerful, capable of causing serious skin irritation and burning sensations in people.

Japanese sea nettle populations appear to be increasing in the Bering Sea.  Scientists studying the phenomenon are concerned because this species may feed on the same plankton species targeted by herring, sardines, anchovies, juvenile salmon and other commercially important species of fishes.

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About This Animal

SIZE: Up to 25 inches in diameter

RANGE: Pacific ocean, Japan and North to the Bering Sea

HABITAT: Open water, frequently found in association with juvenile pollock

DIET: Feeds on small crustaceans, pelagic tunicates and mollusks, fish eggs and larvae and other jellies

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