Jellies: Living Art

Jellies Living Art
Jellies capture the imagination as they pulse inside specially designed displays next to striking studio glass. Experience the beauty of this unique new gallery.


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Upside Down Jellyfish

Cassiopeia sp

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Upside Down Jellyfish

Unlike most other jellies, this species rests upside-down on the sea floor and rarely swims.  When disturbed these jellies can release strings of mucous containing stinging cells as a defense mechanism.

Upside down jellies are commonly found basking in mangrove swamps and sea grass beds.  These habitats are two of the most threatened habitats on Earth.  They are easily damaged by human activities and coastal development.

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About This Animal

SIZE: Up to 12 inches in diameter

RANGE:  Shallow, coastal, tropical waters, Indo-Pacific, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and Hawaii

HABITAT: Shallow coastal waters; sandy or muddy seafloor areas like sea grass beds and mangrove swamps

DIET: Some small plankton, but primarily photosynthetic deriving much of it food from symbiotic algae