Rose Breasted Grosbeak

Rose Breasted Grosbeak

Pheucticus ludovicianus

About This Animal

SIZE: 8 inches

RANGE: Eastern North America

HABITAT: Hardwood forests

DIET: Seeds, fruit and insects

ON EXHIBIT:  Cove Forest in River Journey 

The sexes of this species look very different.  The male has a black head and back with patches of white in the wings.  The white belly and breast are contrasted by a brilliant red (rose) breast patch.  The females are close to the same size but are buffy brown with a prominent white eye line.

Although the breeding range of this species lies primarily to the north of Tennessee, it may breed in the mountains of our state at elevations of 3000 feet or more. A common migrant in SE Tennessee in spring and fall, they are sometimes seen eating from birdfeeders.

As with all native songbirds, they are protected by the “Migratory Bird Act” and their population remains stable.They are rare in captivity but have been in the Tennessee Aquarium’s collection for many years where they have produced young.